Monday, August 22, 2011

Using DIY Film for Wood Veneer Effect

You can create your own wood grain veneer using low-tack woodgrain films quite easily and affordably.

Take a look at this project submitted from one of our DIY customers.  They wanted a richer look for their retail display.  On the left you can see the start of the project, an inexpensive slot wall or slat wall display.

This customer chose Black Walnut pattern low-tack woodgrain film for his project.

 The film was applied strip by strip on the outer slats of the display.  The film was pre-measured and cut before being installed.  Because the film is low-tack it is very forgiving - you can peal it back and reapply if it is not perfectly square.

You can see that before the look was rather cheap and plain.  With this close-up shot you can see the realistic woodgrain appearance of the film and the more finished and professional look that is achieved.

Scroll down to see the completed project photo.

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